Even the greatest models of faith were sometimes weak and doubtful. Take Abram for example. God had recently promised to make him a great nation. Had Abram trusted God's promise, he would not have feared being killed by the Egyptians since he did not yet have any descendants. But he was afraid, and in his fear, he turned to his wife for protection rather than God — doing so at the price of his integrity and hers.

His plan to save himself backfired. Pharaoh took Sarai into his harem. Even with his marriage now in jeopardy, Abram did not own up to his lies. Instead, he basically allowed it to happen, receiving riches from Pharaoh's hands in exchange for his wife’s company. Thankfully, God, who is rich in mercy, protected Sarai from harm by sending a plague against Pharaoh's household, and all was revealed.

This story reminds us that doubt and fear can make us do all kinds of silly, sinful things. It also helps us understand that turning to anyone else but God for protection will only make the situation more complicated. Let's not follow Abram's example. Instead of trying to solve our problems on our own when we are afraid, let us turn to God, knowing he is always faithful to fulfill his promises.

Father, when hardships come, we are often filled with fear, as Abram was as he entered Egypt. In those moments, remind us to turn to you for protection, instead of to others, so that we do not fall into sin, but rather honor you in that situation and grow in our trust of you. Amen.

Today's Challenge: The next time you are afraid, ask God to help you understand what you are afraid of losing. Then, invite him to show you which of His promises you can cling to in your situation to calm your fears. Entrust whatever you are afraid of losing to God, knowing his will is good, agreeable and perfect (see Romans 12:1-4).

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Photo Credit: Raychan on Unsplash