When my husband was deployed I needed some practical help as I was raising four children without family around. During one deployment two gentlemen came to my home every week to look after my lawn. I’ll never forget looking out the window and watching them with a humbled heart. They both had full time jobs and families at home but offered their time and work for my family.

When we give to God, we get to take part in the work He is doing.

When the disciples chose to follow Jesus they were giving up their own will, their own ways, their own agendas, their own understanding, their own ideas of what their futures would hold. They gave up their thoughts and their plans and gave all they had to Jesus.

Submitting ourselves fully to God allows Him to come into our lives in ways that we could never fathom and in ways we could never arrange on our own. The disciples could never have imagined the astonishing journey they were about to take when they said, “YES” to Jesus.

The two gentlemen who took such good care of my lawn displayed a wonderful expression of God’s love for me. I felt personally and deeply cared for. Their sacrifice is a reminder of the impact God can have on us when we give of ourselves to Him.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your ultimate sacrifice of your Son Jesus, so I may know you, love you, and share you here on the earth. Help me to remember that without you, I have nothing. Open my eyes to see the opportunities that you are giving me to share who you are with others. Amen.

Go deeper — Ask God to show you who you can help this week. Even if it involves sacrifice, say “Yes” to God.

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Photo Credit: Elaine Casap