A woman stood by a well whose life depicted one of immoral character, a crippled man lay on a mat for 38 years yearning to be healed, and tree branches held a tax collector who sought more out of life. What was common in these people's lives?

Jesus met them where they were.

Jesus loved those that were unloved and needy. He wasn't intimated by what people thought or was too busy to invest in their lives. He knew his mission was to minister and show compassion to those he met.

I am so glad that Jesus loved me enough to send someone to me with the message of love. Aren't you?

We are to be like Jesus. We are told to share the Good News of Jesus so others can experience spiritual freedom. It doesn't come naturally to love others around us, especially those that are prickly and hard to love.

It is only through God's Spirit that we can truly minister to and love others. It might not be by a well or a tree, but in our neighborhood, our children's school, or at work. We need to ask Jesus' heart to beat with ours each and every day so we can reach out to proclaim the Good News.

Dear Jesus, thank you for being our example to reach out to love those around us. Holy Spirit, guide us to proclaim your love to those around us. Give us your grace as we minister to them. Help us to lean on you and see through your eyes those that need your love today. In Jesus' name, amen.

Go Deeper - Who in your life circle do you find difficult to love? What venues can you use to reach out to others (i.e., shelters, single parents, and the elderly)? Pause what you're doing for a moment if you can. Ask God to lead you by his Spirit to love others like Jesus did.

Read Further - How do you love by faith? You learn to see the lost with compassion, just like Jesus.

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Photo Credit: Maria Krasnove