Jesus needed to get away from all distractions to prepare for another day of serving others’ needs. Maybe Jesus had a lot on his mind that he needed to talk to the Father about. Whatever his reason, he had a limited time to do so. In fact, the following verses tell us that his disciples came looking for him, and said, “Everyone is looking for you!” (verse 37).

As I sit here in my chair by the window of my home, I am alone. But I can hear my son playing a video game downstairs, and since I have sat down, my phone has buzzed several times to let me know that I have messages. These things distract me as I try to listen to God’s Spirit. If I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to talk with God about, I would have to go somewhere more “solitary” than this!

A day of ministry lies before each one of us. It may not be healing or casting out demons or preaching. It may be wiping little noses, washing dishes, fixing meals, caring for an elderly parent, or serving people in some other way, but just as Jesus knew his purpose for being on this earth, we also have work to do. And just as Jesus did, it may be necessary to find a solitary place to pray before the busy day begins, and “the whole world” comes looking for us!

Father, thank you for sweet times of solitude and prayer that help us prepare for a day of serving others! Help us to bring you all of our worship and concerns, as we head into whatever you have called us to do today. Amen.

Go Deeper — Purposely carve out time to spend in solitude with God, even if means locking the bathroom door or sitting in your car during your lunch break. See if your attitude and stamina to handle what life tosses in your direction changes. Try doing this for a week.

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Photo Credit: Bonnie Kittle