Abraham had been through the wringer as far as trusting God was concerned. First with leaving everything familiar in order to follow God to a place he'd never been. Then, waiting for the fulfillment of God's promise for a son, somehow, from his aged body and Sarah's barren womb. Now this - God's command for the sacrifice of Abraham's long awaited son, Isaac. My initial reaction would have been, “I'm sorry, what?” Yet, Abraham never said a word. He simply got up early the next morning (v. 3) and prepared for the journey with his son.

Okay, hold on. In the most ridiculous of circumstances, I think I might verbalize a few objections, even shed a million tears and procrastinate in getting ready to give up my only son as an offering. The crazier thing is, when a deep and abiding relationship exists between us and God, times of doubt and questioning may come but at the end of the day, it’s that intimate union that lifts up and strengthens the most downcast heart in order to remain obedient to the Almighty.

That’s it. That's why Abraham never argued with the Lord or assaulted his sovereignty; because Abraham had profound knowledge of his creator. As extreme as I know the test of Abraham's trust and faithfulness was in this scenario, tests of our obedience to God's charge are something we, as devoted followers of the Lord, will also encounter. Maybe not to the extent of Abraham’s test, but we who know God and his character well, must acknowledge that he is worthy of our immediate compliance.

God cannot lie and is true to his promises. That was the reality Abraham was living in. He knew that, somehow, in the midst of his strange position, God would demonstrate his redemptive power. That is our reality too.

Our blessed assurance is that the Lord our God will never misguide us and the Holy Spirit will give us the peace and courage to faithfully obey as promptly as Abraham did.

Heavenly Father, thank you for Abraham’s example in your Word. Help me to be as readily obedient as he was to your commands in my life. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Take time to think about Abraham’s sobering sacrifice and the obedience it took for him to comply. What does obedience mean to you? Are there any areas in your life which may require a greater obedience?

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Photo Credit: Dorothy Garrovillo