I shudder at the idea of being enslaved to humans, knowing all the atrocities slaves endure. However, I have a totally different reaction to being a slave or servant of God. To me, it is one of the most freeing and empowering descriptions of my identity in Christ.

In Jesus’ day, many slaves were clothed, fed, and housed by their master. They were their master’s spokespeople and agents, imbued by him with all the wealth, power, and authority necessary to obey each of his commands.

In the same way, as God’s slaves, we are never expected to obey our Master in our own strength or from our own resources. We are called to speak God’s Word and accomplish his will in his Spirit’s power, just as the very first Christians did on that first Pentecost Sunday.

In Acts 2, Peter, once a coward who denied Christ, stood fearlessly before a crowd, powerfully proclaiming the coming of the Spirit upon all Christians, both men and women. The Spirit had transformed him from a weak slave to sin to an empowered and fearless servant of God. And what God did for Peter, he does for each of us.

Today then, as God’s beloved slaves and children, let us draw on the glorious riches of his provision and faithfully and fearlessly obey him in the Spirit’s fullness.

Father, thank you for calling me to become your beloved slave and child, for providing me with everything I need to obey you, and for making me your spokesperson and agent in this world. Direct my thoughts, words, and actions throughout this day through your Spirit so that I accomplish your will in your strength and not mine. Amen.

Go Deeper — A slave does not need to worry about what he will eat, drink, or wear because his master meets all of his needs. As you go through this day, entrust every worry to God, knowing he is taking care of you. To be God’s slave is to rest in his perfect provision.

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Photo Credit: Helena Lopes