Get to know your enemy with this classic by C.S. Lewis.

“…for we are not ignorant of his schemes.” 2 Corinthians 2:11 (NAS)

Want to know the kind of enemy we as believers face? For a peek behind the curtain of spiritual warfare take a look at the sixth chapter of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah had returned to help his countrymen rebuild Jerusalem only to be met by fierce opposition. First, his enemies tried to kill him. Four times they schemed to harm him but each time failed. Next, they made false accusations about him, hoping to discourage his spirit and throw him into despair. Finally, they sought to lure Nehemiah into moral and spiritual compromise.

Do any of these tactics sound familiar? Has Satan ever tried to literally wipe you out? Has he ever overwhelmed you with false accusations, disappointments and other forms of discouragement to make you feel like giving up? Has he ever tried to sneak things into the “temple” of your spirit that don’t belong there…grudges, pride, fear…to compromise your spiritual authority?

Don’t be ignorant of his schemes. Satan’s strategies don’t change much. But neither do our opportunities to defeat him. Nehemiah prevailed not because he was particularly courageous…or wise…or strong. He knew he alone could not stand against such a persistent adversary. So with great consistency and passion he turned to the One who was stronger than any enemy he faced.

If we hope to meet a relentless foe with a resounding no we, too, must rely on God. Completely. The battle is too great and too much is at stake to depend on anyone other than Him.

Father, we thank you that all our battles belong to you. Help us depend upon your strength and lead us to victory. Amen.

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Read the book of Nehemiah and study it from the perspective of how to fight…and win!