We have finally said good-bye to 2023. What does this new year hold for us? As we begin to write on the first blank page of the year, we are presented with limitless opportunities. So how do we go about it? Hopefully or fearfully? We worry about the future for a great deal of our lives. God is asking us to give our worries to him in this New Year and to stop living in constant fear of the future. His desire for all of us is to remain hopeful. Our hearts should then say, "I do not yet see, but I believe."

God is able. He is dependable. We must go deeper with him, further into a realm of possibilities. This new year is unknown to any of us save God. It therefore requires us to have faith in the all-knowing God, the creator of the universe, and the one who orchestrates the events of our lives. We can trust him since he does everything in a wise and meticulous way because he has the ability to see beyond the now into the future. It's possible that in 2023 you had nothing to write home about. But in the midst of all the confusion, uncertainty, and pain that has surrounded us in the past year, there is also the hand of God that has gently guided us. As we adjust our lenses we will perceive his providence, care, and interventions in order to build confidence as we enter the new year.

Remember that seasons come and go, but God does not alter with them. The remarks found in today’s passage of scripture should inspire hope in all of us. We may have waited for God's presence to become apparent in particular areas of our lives, but it doesn't seem to have happened just yet. Be encouraged today because God fulfilled all of the good promises He made to the children of Israel. Will you put your faith in God this year? Increase your faith and believe in the impossible. Believe in the God of all possibilities.

PRAYER Thank you, Lord, for the new year. Help me not to let the past diminish my trust in your power to move in my midst this new year. May all of your promises to me and my family regarding our lives be fulfilled in line with your word. Amen

Throughout the Day Rest in the Lord's promises. As you reflect on this passage of scripture, choose to trust that the holder of your destiny has your life and the lives of your family well planned out, and He will not fail you.

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Photo Credit: Ron Lach