“No, I don’t drink alcohol at all.” Looks of shock filled the room. For whatever reason, my college students assumed that since I am single, I went out clubbing and drinking for fun on the weekends. I shattered that image when I mentioned that I didn’t do those things.

I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with drinking. I choose not to do it for several reasons — some Biblical and some not. Clubbing is not for believers, though. Those places are famous for inappropriate dancing, binge drinking, and people not interested in a permanent commitment. As Romans states, what fruit do believers get from those things?

Our lifestyle should help lead others to the Lord. The Bible says we are set apart, and should be holy in our behavior (Romans 2:12). When we set ourselves apart from the culture, it’s because we know that God is the only One we are to please.

If our lifestyle is too much like the world’s lifestyle, no one will ever question our faith. In fact, they’ll see that adding a bit of God to our way of life doesn’t make us very different, so why include Him in theirs? In order to win others to Christ, we must lead a godly lifestyle.

We are to live free from the power of sin, looking forward to our eternal reward. Don’t get caught up in living the world’s lifestyle. Live for God.

Dear Lord, please help me not to cave under the pressure of the world and its demands. Give me the desire to do your will alone so I can attract others to your way and truth. Amen.

Go Deeper — Where have you blurred the line? Are you participating in an activity just to be cool? How can you change in order to become a better testimony of God’s ways?

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop