New Year's presents us with a clean slate - to start all over. Sometimes, it is not as easy as expected. Often, because of experiences from the previous year, there is anxiety in the heart of man. At times when man is hard-pressed, it’s easy to allow doubt to dull the voice of faith.

God encourages us yet again to believe. The one who redeemed Israel will do likewise for us who have faith in him.

God desires that we develop understanding of what he is doing. This perception is enhanced at the place of prayer and study of God’s Word.He promised the children of Israel to do a new thing; we too can stand on this very promise. The new will be sudden — life would spring forth from what was not. God will do it for those who believe in his Word and long for the fulfillment of his promises.

We may ask, how will this be? As Elisha spoke under the influence of the Holy Spirit to the King Joram – “this is only a simple matter to the Lord (2 Kings 3:18a).” It may not make sense to our limited minds; we cannot even comprehend what God is intending to do in our lives and the world at large. He who authors all, will bring forth all this to pass.

Does it appear to be impossible? With God, good can come out of a wilderness or a wasteland. Trust today that he will cause good to come out of all situations, even hopeless ones.

Heavenly Father, I find refuge and hope in your Word. Thank you that you are able to use all situations and circumstances and transform them for our good. Let it be done in accordance to your will, for your glory. Amen.

Throughout this Day: What is this wilderness in your life? Pray about it. God is able to make a way for you and your family. Come to him believing that he will intervene and do a new thing in your life and and that of your family, according to his Word.

Tags: Daily Devotional Isaiah 43
Photo Credit: Jason Abdilla on Unsplash