A person who believes they are self-reliant lives in a fantasy because it’s a feat that is impossible to achieve. Nobody can be self-sufficient. Not even Jesus! In fact, Jesus resisted temptation by choosing to do something that is counter-intuitive to self-sufficiency — he humbled himself to do the will of God (John 6:38).

Self-sufficiency means trying to become stronger and stronger while pushing away the help of other people, especially that of the Lord’s. It’s sinful to build a lifestyle and heart that releases a person from trusting in God.

While self-reliance promotes an image of being in control and having it together, the reality is totally opposite. A self-sufficient person is weak and not in control because, remember, only God is ever really in control. All of humanity stands in need of God’s amazing grace.

It’s futile to pretend you are something you’re not. We are all broken and sinful. We need God! We need community! God didn't create us to be self-reliant. He wants us to be dependant upon him. The minute we place our trust in ourselves is the moment we lose sight of God and start chasing after the world’s values.

God doesn’t want us to be dependant on him because he needs us. He was here before we were even created so he doesn’t need us; but we need him. I take comfort in the fact that it means he will never run out of grace, love, or patience for us.

Dear God, thank you that you made us to depend upon your eternal wisdom. Thank you that we need you and each other to make it in this world. Let me rely on you more and more. Amen.

Go Deeper — Today, think about ways you may be too self-reliant or may push others or God away.

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