She was desperate. A widow’s creditor was coming to take her two young sons as slaves because she could not pay her bill. She cried out to Elisha, a man of God, and reminded him that her husband had been a godly man. She was in anguish, not knowing what to do.

Elisha asked her what she had in her house. “Nothing,” she replied, “except one small jar of olive oil.” Elisha made a strange request of the woman. He told her to go and gather jars from her neighbors and “not just a few.” Then, she was to go inside with her boys, shut the door, and take her small jar of oil and fill the other jars.

I love the faith of this woman! Many would have stormed away from such seemingly ridiculous advice. Yet, she went and knocked on her neighbor’s doors and asked for any jars they could spare. Can’t you just imagine the scene as her floor filled with jars? Taking down the small jar, she began to pour. First, one jar filled, then another and another. I can see her pausing to smile at her boys, seeing the wonder in their eyes. With every jar full of oil, off to market they went. Back they came with enough coins jingling in mom’s pocket to pay the creditor... plus something to live on! Oh the faith of this un-named, desperate mom. Oh the faithfulness of a loving God and the courage of a believing man of God.

God’s resources are never-ending. Sometimes walking by faith involves risking the questioning eyes of the neighbors. Sometimes it may take boldness to ask big, “not just for a few.” Sometimes it may seem to make no sense, yet God asks us to look to him for solutions, to walk in faith, and believe that our great God can do the impossible.

Next time you feel there simply isn’t enough, or you aren’t enough, set out your jars of faith. Expect God do a miracle as your faith meets his faithfulness.

Father God, thank you for the unnamed mom whose faith is recorded in your Word to inspire us and to show us your loving character. Help me not only to have faith in your faithfulness, but to set out my jars of faith, and “not just a few,” in expectation. Fill me with wonder as you meet me in the middle of my need. Great is your faithfulness! I thank you in Jesus’ name, amen.

Throughout This Day: Lay all your needs before the Lord and set our your “not just a few” jars of faith. God will meet you in the middle of your need and walk with you through it. If you would like prayer, one of our online mentors would love to pray with you.

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Photo Credit: Matt Sclarandis on Unsplash