In difficult times, we all need a good reason to keep on going — something to live for. But vague hopes and well-meaning promises are nothing but cruel jokes. We need something compelling, something reliable, something certain.

The resurrection of Jesus is all of this. The resurrection gives us hope.

In today’s passage, Peter talks about the resurrection of Jesus as he writes to believers going through severe persecution that threatened their very lives and brought severe hardship and deprivation.

Now that is the kind of hope we need. It’s a living hope that is sure to be fulfilled. God graciously chose to love unworthy people like us and opened our eyes to believe in him. Apart from his grace, we would not be able to trust in him. This is what God’s foreknowledge is all about.

Our hope is ultimately grounded in God’s character and his mercy. It does not depend on our performance or merit.

Our hope is secured by a historical reality: Jesus’ resurrection. Because it is based on God’s character and guaranteed by Christ’s redemptive work, this hope is a sure and steadfast anchor for the soul.s But is our hope big enough? God promises us a heavenly inheritance that is unfading, imperishable and undefiled. It is a gift from God that we can and must look forward to in the midst of this world’s uncertainties.

Our hope of a heavenly inheritance assures us that all the hardship we will face because we follow Christ is worthwhile. This hope is eternal and untainted by sin. It is more precious than anything the world can offer. It is reserved for you, Christian, ready and waiting.

If you are trusting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are protected by the power of God through faith.. You are guaranteed to face many difficulties and much opposition. You wouldn’t last very long on your own, but thankfully, God never intended that we live the Christian life on our own. He sent us his Spirit and the Church, a community of other sinners trusting in Jesus’ power and strength to live a life that pleases the Father.

The same mighty power that raised Jesus to eternal life is the same power that is at work, sustaining our faith and enabling us to continue in the face of anything the enemy might throw at us.

No matter what hardships and heartbreaks might come my way, I can continue to live in obedience to Christ, not because I am strong in and of myself, but because his mighty power sustains me so that I can continue to trust in his promises.

No other hope will suffice. As you live in light of the promised end you will be able to continue to live to God’s glory in this difficult world. Take hold of the living hope set before you.

Jesus, thank you for this hope I have in you. Thank you for saving me and showing me that I can trust in your unfailing promises. Be the foundation of my life today and every day. Help me to live in light of this eternal hope in every circumstance.

Throughout This Day: Thank God often for the hope of a perfect, sinless eternity in his presence, that makes even the most difficult circumstances pale in importance.

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Photo Credit: Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash