Drawing people to God through care and compassion is the theme of Compassion Evangelism: Meeting Human Needs by Thomas G. Nees

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

The class began like others in my communication course.  At the start of the semester I review models in our field and then offer a Christian perspective. Not rocket science to me, but new to some.

Along with my Canadian and American students sat three women straight from China. They had graduated from a Beijing university and were now gunning for the MBA at my school. They were elite students; keen, eager and motivated. And atheists, I presumed.

My comments described God’s covenant in choosing to love His people Israel despite their stiff-necked ways, and extending His grace to us Gentiles through Jesus’ death and resurrection. I said that God refused to settle on being just Creator, but continued as Sustainer and Redeemer. In short, God cared for what and who He made. He knows us personally, and awaits our response to His invitation to relationship.

After class, one Chinese student approached me and asked for more explanation. Her eyes became teary as she described hearing similar ideas around campus. She left saying, “I must keep looking into this.” That God existed, and cared for her, piqued interest and emotion.

I learned from this encounter that sometimes sharing the gospel means sharing the basics, such as God’s love and care. This paints a picture of God different from one with arms crossed, or distant and aloof. No wonder my student sought to look into relating with Him.

God, I sometimes forget that your love and care draw people to you. Help me share this with people whose anxiety and burdens weigh heavily, and who seek a way to know you better. Amen.

Take Action

Tell someone this week “God loves you!” Let them know that God invites us to place our ugly stuff at His feet.