Sometimes we wrestle with listening to God. His way seems too hard, the reward too far away, the cost too high. Our current struggles dim the reality of heaven and eternal life with God.

As Jesus neared the end of His ministry on earth, He told His disciples that He would suffer (Mark 8:31). They would suffer too. In fact, everyone who wanted to follow Jesus must deny themselves, put to death their sinful nature and walk as Jesus did (Mark 8:34).

Then Jesus provided Peter, James, and John with a powerful reason to listen to Him. Jesus gave them a glimpse of His glory. Jesus led them up a high mountain. Jesus changed before their eyes. His face shone like the sun and His clothes became dazzling white. As Jesus glowed like lightning, Elijah and Moses appeared with Him.

The sight terrified Peter, James, and John. A cloud enveloped them and they heard a voice. God spoke: Listen to Jesus because He’s My Son, whom I love.

Matthew (17:1-9), Mark (9:2-9) and Luke (9:28-36) all record this event, known as The Transfiguration, so that we can glimpse God’s glory, too. All the New Testament writers proclaim that Jesus is our Messiah. Jesus died, rose again, and ascended into heaven. God promises that Jesus will return one day and take us to be with Him.

Understanding that Jesus is God’s Son, the One who saves us, compels us to listen to Him.

Thank you Jesus, for giving me glimpses of your glory. You are my Creator and my Redeemer. I worship you as my only Lord. When I see you as you really are, I want to listen to you. You know what is right and best for me. Amen.

Go Deeper — Meditate on the power and character of God. Write out why God’s power and character give Him the authority to command us to listen.

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Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio