I will never forget that day. I was 10 years old, walking with my family through a quaint little town filled with several shops. I have always loved the little things. Perhaps I had been eyeing something in one of the stores, because as we were about to leave, the man working in the shop came towards me and gave me the most beautiful purse I had ever laid my eyes on. A free gift.

Grace is God’s free gift. God desires for us to have His grace, not because we have done anything to deserve it, but because it displays His great love for us — which acts to draw us closer to Him.

When Jesus met a particular Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, He met her in the midst of her sin and darkness. She thought that she was going to draw water to drink that day but had no idea that she was about to encounter someone who was going to offer her eternal water (John 4:1-42). Jesus offered her, an adulterous woman who’d had five men leave her, His boundless love. The grace of God changed her life forever. She ran to tell her whole village.

I didn’t do anything to earn that purse when I was 10. The woman at the well didn’t do anything to earn Jesus’ gift of grace. You don’t have to a do anything either — except accept it graciously, tell God thank you, and then, like the Samaritan woman, go and tell others.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your overwhelming grace which you have given me so freely. I stand in awe and wonder of your goodness and kindness towards my family, my friends, and me. Give me the courage to share your grace in the opportunities you give me with others so they too may know you. Amen.

Go Deeper — Every one of us have fallen short and have sinned and desperately need God’s grace in our lives so we may live freely in Him. Receive His grace and share with those around you how much He desires to bestow His free gift of grace on them.

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Photo Credit: Rodion Kutsaev