I was in Bangkok with my dear friend Nok and we were preaching through Second Timothy. I say “we” because although Nok was translating for me, he added his own remarkable passion to my words. I was a better preacher with Nok. His faith was inspiring. We all loved him for it.

With a good translator, there’s a rhythm to the back and forth, so when I said, “the time for my departure has come,” I was surprised he didn’t translate. Thinking he hadn’t heard me, I spoke again, a bit louder. Still nothing. When I turned, Nok had tears in his eyes. “The Apostle Paul was so faithful,” he said, “I want to be faithful, too.”

Life has its sudden turns and unexpected events. None of us knew that day that Nok’s time of departure had almost come. Two weeks later I was on a flight back to Bangkok for his memorial service. He’d won his “crown of righteousness” much sooner than we expected. Too soon. But the Lord knows best.

What is the secret to a life well lived? A life that truly glorifies God? I saw it with stunning clarity that April day in Bangkok. It’s not a longing for success — although Nok had great success in ministry — but the desire to “keep faith” with the Lord who “appeared” in our world, giving his life that we might live.

It starts with a burning desire. “I want to be faithful, too.”

Dearest Lord, may I, like Paul, and Nok, and so many others, grow in my love for you today and every day, so that I too, remain faithful every day of my life.

Throughout This Day: Thank God often that you can remain faithful to him because his Spirit in you gives you all the resources you need to walk in his will each moment of each day.

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Photo Credit: Jackson David on Unsplash