One reason God created the Body of Christ was for our healing. It is a beautiful thing. We are people joined together by our devotion to Jesus. We are not perfect, far from it. But our aim is to grow in our relationship with God, becoming more like Him as we spend more time with Him.

Strongholds of pride, addiction, fear, and ungratefulness can hold us back from accepting God’s gifts of grace and peace, and from fellowshipping with each other. Therefore, God made a way for us to overcome our strongholds. It is only through honesty and confession that we are set free. We must be honest with ourselves and with God, but we also must be open with our fellow believers. As members of one Body, we can help each other overcome these things that hinder our growth.

It is perhaps one of the scariest things in the world to tell someone else what you’ve done. Fear of rejection is real. But to confess your sins to someone who demonstrates the compassion and grace of our Lord is liberating to our core. It has been said that a secret shared is a hurt cut in half.

We were never meant to grow in our faith alone. We were made for intimacy with each other. In order for intimacy to happen, we must bare each other’s burdens. Don’t suffer in isolation. Confess to a trusted fellow-believer to find healing. Show grace to those who share their hurts with you. Pray for each other.

Lord, help me find trustworthy people with whom I can confess my sins and strongholds. Help me be open and gracious to those who share their hurts with me. Amen.

Go Deeper — If you have hurts in your past that continue to haunt you, pray for God to show you who you can confess those hurts to. We have mentors online who are ready to listen and support you..

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