We make choices everyday, but do we always pray about each decision before we do?

If you’re like me, probably not. For instance, the nursing home where I live has become a place of daily stress and neglect. I have been making plans to leave, and then prayed for God’s approval.

God spoke into my heart saying, “Stop griping about what’s wrong. Be thankful for what I am doing to protect you there — but get going. Move out.” God knew what my plans were, but had He given me the green light? Was it my own thoughts repeating my desires? Or was it God’s voice? So I asked Him for clarification. And that’s okay.

Sometimes we’ll start to do something that seems godly and ask Him to bless it. For instance, King David wanted to build a temple for God. God altered the plans. The object of building the temple remained the same but David’s part of the job was to assemble the materials. His successor, King Solomon, would build it. David obeyed God’s change of plan (I Chronicles 22:6-10).

When we ask God for guidance, God may shut the door completely, He may direct us to a different door, or He might push it wide open. He fills in the blueprint at just the right time with the best plan. Will we be as willing as David to accept His plan if it changes ours?

Wonderful Counselor, thank you for establishing my plans when I move out for you, making the foundation sure and raising the walls according to your design. Amen.

Go Deeper — Think about any current plans you are making or have made. Take note of how God is establishing your plans. Has He let you proceed as you proposed them? Has He shut a door? Is He opening a side door?

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Photo Credit: Ben White