“Salvation is a matter of the heart.”

I'm sure you've heard this expression and come across folks who believe that their good deeds or their religious beliefs will get them an express ticket to Paradise. Preaching the gospel was difficult in the past and it is difficult now, but the Great Commission compels us to persevere in the task whatever the circumstances. The Jews of Paul’s day believed that the Law had already provided a way to belong to God’s people. As a result, the claim that all nations could be right with God by trusting in the Messiah sounded religiously unsound to them, heretical even. They therefore rejected God's approach and chose to adhere to their method of being right with God through the Law given to Moses (vs 3).

Many people in our unique spaces have yet to accept the redeeming grace that comes from trusting in Christ's finished work. They have theories about how to be right with God, and don’t realize that these attempts are all worthless. So, how should we react in such a situation? How can we be the light-bearers who tell others about Jesus and the amazing job he did on Calvary? Without someone eager to take Christ's love to a dying world, how can people accept it?

The message applies to all believers; many will come to faith in Christ as a result of our desire to collaborate with him in sharing the good news.

Are you unsure where to begin? Begin where you are now, in your Jerusalem. Share the love of Christ with your loved ones until they profess their faith in Jesus Christ.

It is critical that we all engage as fishers of men.

Heavenly Father, stir up in me a desire to reach out to the lost, and empower me to join you in spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ, who saves and redeems all who put their trust in him.

Throughout the Day: Spend time in prayer to strategize how you will share the Good News in this season. Ask the Lord to lead you in your efforts to help people come to know Jesus.

Song of Reflection: "Make Me a Blessing" by George S. Schuler When relevant, we’ll include a song that can help you reflect further on today’s subject. If you have song recommendations that are relevant to today’s passage or devotional, feel free to send them to us!

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