Recent times have taught us that in a matter of seconds, life can be completely turned upside down, inside out, and destroyed — leaving our hearts and hopes dashed. The things that we never thought would be taken from us, such as toilet paper, food, jobs, and health security, have left many with anxiety and depression fighting for a hold on their minds.

Unstable. Uncertain. Unknown. Those are all the words I think of when I look at the world around us. But then, I read the words in today’s psalm, I am reminded that we cannot rely on our own “horses,” “armies,” and resources to deliver us. As God’s people, our hope is not drawn from the well of earthly security, but rather from a deeper well of faith and trust in the Father.

Even though the future looks uncertain right now, we can cling to God with his eyes locked on us, whose love never fails, and who is a positive assurance of our future in eternity.

When our hope and trust are rooted in the truth of God, we know deep down that his love will sustain us through the trials and uncertainties of life. Even if our struggles persist, our hope in God will remain steadfast. It cannot be taken from us. It isn’t dependent on anyone or anything. He is constant and trustworthy. Even when life is unclear, and the way ahead is foggy, we can rest in his love.

God in Heaven, reassure me that I am never out of your sight or out of reach from your love. Instill in me once again the hope that you are in control and my soul can rest in you. Amen.

Go Deeper — What are the “armies and horses” you might be relying on right now? How can you rely fully on the Lord?

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Photo Credit: Michael Weidner