“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Psalm 20:7 Read all of Psalm 20.

My friend moved to palliative care. She was dying. The Psalms comforted her as she prepared to meet Jesus and grieved leaving her family.  

Often, we turn to the Psalms when our souls are hungry, thirsty, and needing comfort. They provide words to express what is going on inside of us. When I want to bow down in worship, I turn to Psalm 100.  When I feel afflicted and need protection I turn to Psalm 27. When I want to remind myself of God's presence, I read Psalm 139.  When I am in distress, I read Psalm 18. Do you have a favorite Psalm?

When I want to send a blessing, I offer Psalm 20. So today, I offer you Psalm 20. "Times of trouble" come to everyone — during those times, may the LORD answer your cry. May His name protect you. May He send you the help you need. May He strengthen your whole being. May He tell you that He knows your name and remembers everything you have sacrificed for Him.  

May He answer you and bless you with your heart’s desires. May He grant you success as you strive to follow Him. He alone has the power to rescue you. Some people trust many things to save them, but let us boast in the LORD our God. May we rise up and stand firm.

O LORD, answer our cry for help! Hear the desires of our heart. Thank You that you have all the power and strength we need. We deliberately put our trust in You to act on our behalf. Help us rise up and stand firm in You. Amen. 

Take Action

Think of someone you know who needs a blessing from the LORD today. Who could you pass along Psalm 20 to or another of your favorite Psalms? Share what the Psalm says to you and what you are praying for your friend — whether they know the LORD yet or not.

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