Here are some of the Bible passages that present the ideas found in the series, A reflection on our fear of death.

An Eternal Plan

The Bible tells us that Father, Son, and Spirit have existed from all eternity, sharing one perfect essence, so perfectly united that they are one Being.

Eternal Father

Eternal Son

Eternal Spirit

Three in One

Before time and matter came to be (if we can use the word “before” to speak of a timeless existence), this triune God already foresaw every single detail of what would occur once he created the universe. And all would go according to his sovereign plan. This plan would clearly demonstrate the fullness and perfection of his being; but it would require the occurrence of a temporary rebellion against his perfect will on one planet — ours.

And so, God created the universe.

He sovereignly allowed certain spiritual creatures to rebel against him because they would play a part in his plan.

Then, after carefully preparing this world as an amazing home for us, he created human beings in his image, inviting them to multiply, fill this planet, and rule it under his guidance.

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