No one likes to be interrupted. We have our plans and lists — things we want to do and things that need to get done. Sometimes, right in the middle of an ordinary day, God changes our plans. In the video above Leonard Buhler talks about a day when all his important plans got thrown out the window.

Can you relate? Talk with a mentor today.

Read Acts 16:16-40.

Paul and company had arrived at the city of Philippi. Their ministry was going very well. People were turning to Christ. In the middle of all of this, Paul faces a serious interruption. 

While on the way to pray, Paul and his companions were approached by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination. Her owners had much to gain from her through fortune-telling, and yet this girl began to follow Paul’s group.

How did Paul react to the way God rearranged his day? What can we learn from Paul about what it means to be available anytime?

updated September 2019