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The Life Card

The Life challenge is a call to total commitment. It’s a call to be available for God to use any time, anywhere, at any cost, to do anything. It’s a decision to live your whole life completely available to God, ready and willing to see what He will do through you.

It starts with a prayer:

Dear Jesus, I want you in the center of my life
and I commit, through your power,
to serve and obey you 
anytime, anywhere, at any cost, to do anything.

We encourage you to sign the Life card. Sort of like a wedding ring or a post-it on your bathroom mirror, the card serves as a reminder of your commitment. 

You might want to put your Life card in the front of your wallet or in your phone case so that you are reminded of your commitment while you carry out everyday tasks. God can use those reminders to challenge you to really live out that little prayer! 

If you would like to make the Life commitment, register for The Life community and receive a free downloadable Life card as well as a digital version that you can save as the lock screen on your phone!  

You can also purchase a box of ten Life cards to share with your friends here.