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Reprint Policy

Thank you for your interest in reprinting our devotionals or challenges! Depending on how you intend to use them, you may or may not need to contact us before proceeding.

1. Can I forward a devotional or challenge to a friend via email? Yes, absolutely, and encourage him/her to subscribe too!

2. Can I print and copy a devotional or challenge for my church group? Yes, you are welcome to print and make up to a 100 copies. If you want to make more copies or you wish to reprint our content in your newsletter, you will need to contact us.

3. Can I post your devotionals or challenges on my web site/group/blog, etc? You are always welcome to link to our content. If you are looking to post our content online, you may include an excerpt of up to 100 words and a link to the full piece on thelife.com. Due to copyright issues, we are not able to give "carte blanche" permission to re-publish our content on an ongoing basis. However, if you are interested in reprinting (in full) one or more devotionals/challenges, contact us and let us know which ones (including title, author, and if possible, date of publication and URL), and we will review your request. Please include the address of your web site/group/blog etc.

4. Can I reprint your devotionals or challenges in my newsletter/magazine/book, etc.? Contact us and let us know which pieces you are interested in using (including title, author, and if possible, date of publication and URL), and we will review your request. Also, tell us a little about your publication and your intended publication date.

May God bless you in your life and ministry!